Xsjado Farewell Skate Review

Let me start by saying, I fucking love what Xsjado has done for the industry. True innovation is needed in any space to ensure that progress is made to create a better product, service, or deliverable. That is EXACTLY what the gents at Xsjado did for rollerblading so many years ago. I initially made the jump to Xsjados in 2006. I was riding Rollerblade at the time and a was persuaded to switch teams; I was hooked.

That was 2006 and in 2007 my daughter was born. With huge changes in my life, skating aggressively took the back burner (see what I did there). Fast forward to 2017 and the itch to pull the boots out was overwhelming powerful; she was red in tooth and claw. I bring this up because I want it to be known that this review is being written from the perspective of someone coming back to the industry. I’m older. My bones hurt. I’m not as fearless as I once was. But I’m enjoying skating more now than ever.

The FedEx truck motored away from my home in Lincoln, Nebraska leaving me with my Xsjado Farewell Skates. I methodically cut through the packaging to reveal intricate attention to detail. You immediately get the sense of care, passion, and “giving a shit” that went into these boots. From the overall design, down to the stitching, the Farewell skates are a thing of beauty.

The soul plates are arguably one of Xsjado’s top selling points. Xsjado did not stray from this model and they are wicked chubby on both sides of the frame. As a 35-year-old returning to the sport, this was a godsend to quickly becoming comfortable on rails and ledges again.

The boots themselves are light as hell. The step in design has always been a favorite of mine and it’s scary how well these boots adapt to your feet. The liners are also crazy comfortable.

So what’s the drawback? Man, if this wasn’t the farewell model, I would say nothing. I love them. That being said, the future of the boots, the parts, and the liners is a looming question mark for the industry. I have read rumblings of USD graciously inheriting the ongoing production of the product, but a Google query yields no confirmation. I’ve asked a few retailers and gotten nowhere. Trying to find a size 8 pair of replacement liners is also next to impossible.

On the one hand, it’s incredible to see a product in such high demand – our industry needs that. On the other, it sucks when my liners are beat to shit and I want to continue to support the company. I’m hoping this issue is addressed, as well as clarification on the future of the product.

Ok, so final thoughts. I fucking love these boots. They have made my return to the sport not only enjoyable but natural. I feel comfortable in them. They are light. They have massive soul plates. I’m a believer and I highly recommend snagging a pair if you’re in the market.