Valo VxVII Skate Review

Let me start by informing you that this review of the Valo VxVII boots is brought to you by Sudafed. The holiday season delivered a giant helping of sinus slow death and I have been teetering on the edge of what is a legally acceptable amount of Sudafed to ingest. With that disclaimer out of the way, let me jump into my review of the Valo VxVII’s.

I returned to the sport earlier this year after a long hiatus. The Xsjado Farewells were my “relearn how to fall down a lot” boots and they served their purpose well. The lightweight shells and massive soul plates made the learning curve slightly less painful and I have to admit, I was terrified of jumping to Valo. Prior to the VxVII’s, I had never stepped my foot into a Valo boot.

Here’s the deal. I FUCKING love them. In every aspect, they are hand-crafted, artisanal pieces of art. That may seem a bit over the top, but when you see the VxVII in person, you immediately see the thought and care that went into every pair of these bad boys. The denim and stitching are stunning, the liners are comfy as hell, the soul plates are exactly what I need them to be, and I can feel the security of an actual boot on my feet. If you’ve ridden Valos, you’re thinking “fucking duh, Andrew.”

I’m currently riding these boots paired with Create Originals OG White Frames and Dead champagne wheels. It’s a buttery setup that has the ladies dying to touch them to see if they’re real. Spoiler: they are.

For me, this was a blind jump and it paid off. I am a believer and I absolutely love the union between the two brands. Both brands are working their asses off to bring value to the industry and it was that passion alone that got me to pull out the credit card.

If you’re in the market and you have the loot, pick up your pair now. You’ll be stoked that you did. Buy them here.

Huge SO to Vibralux denim for the incredible VODs in this post.