Launch Weekend

The only word I can think of to describe this past weekend is “wow”. Others was made available in the iOS store on July 13th and the first weekend was anything short of fire. The reception in the marketplace has exceeded all of our expectations and we are blown away by the early adoption of the platform by the rollerblading community. On day one, we saw so many users sign-ups, posts, and tagged spots, that the app exceeded our daily server limits. We knew we would eventually need to upgrade our server, but honestly, we weren’t anticipating this happened for several months of use. The fact that we had to upgrade the server on day one is a huge testament to the rollerblading community and we want to thank every single one of you for your continued support.

Chris Farmer also announced on July 13th that he has joined the Others family! This was a huge win for us and we are so excited to have him on board. We are working on an aggressive content plan with the team; expect to see incredible things from the crew throughout the year.

We continue to get the question regarding Android support. We are pleased to announce that the team is meeting today to roadmap our development efforts for the Android version of the app; we appreciate your patience! Developing an app is no easy task and we are excited to offer Others to both iOS and Android users soon!

Lastly, we are working on creating a user guide for the app. This will walk you exactly how things work and will reduce the learning curve associated with finding users, tagging spots, saving spots, etc. Thank you for all of the feedback and if you have a feature idea, please submit that to us on the homepage of our site. Until next time, feast your eyes on Bricks from our very own, Alex O’Brien.