Breckenridge skate park review.

This weekend was a solid getaway. Work is a constant ebb and flow of projects, stress, and agile sprints. Knowing this, my wife surprised me with a four day, holiday weekend in one of our all-time favorite mountain spots, Breckenridge, Colorado. As we left the rumbling of Husker football in our rearview mirror, we knew we were in for a weekend of relaxation, family hangs, eating like assholes, and of course, as many skate park sessions as we could squeeze in.

The first morning of the trip saw a brisk 41 degrees; a welcomed change from the 100+ degree weather currently scorching Eastern Nebraska. The thin mountain air was cool in my lungs as we approached the Breckenridge skate park. For those still uninitiated to mountain life, Breckenridge is a mecca for winter extreme sports, craft beer, and ridiculous views. The city is nestled in a valley between several peaks and the locals have created a welcoming ecosystem that thrives on tourism.

Within minutes of stepping into my Xsjados, I felt at home. The park is insanely well thought out. Several pyramids provide ledge and rail options. The park also sports two bowls, both of which have sections suitable for skaters of all skill sets. You can easily recognize the summer skateboarders / winter snowboarders. These dudes destroyed the park and it was insane to watch.

My favorite spots at the Breckenridge skate park were the pyramid a-rail and the down ledge from the main platform. Both were super smooth and hitting a backslide up the down ledge made me feel like a badass.

Keeping theme with the tourist side of Breckenridge, the park is also very family friendly. Immediately next to the skate park is a good sized park. This was an awesome amenity, as this allowed my wife and the boys to take a break from watching me attempt to master down ledge after down ledge.

In short, the park is amazing. The views surrounding the park are overwhelmingly beautiful. Of all the parks I have ridden in my life, this one is easily in the top 3. The locals are welcoming and the concrete rides like butter. It will take a minute for your lungs to get acclimated if you’re not accustomed to the thin air present at 10,000 feet. Bring plenty of water and you’ll do just fine.